Super Chloe To The Rescue!

OMG, if you love humor along with your porn, you’ll love The Wild & Wacky Adventures of Chloe — even if you don’t like comic book superheros.

I read the Sex Kitten review, and was intrigued — who amongst us hasn’t wished the heroes and heroines we’re reading about, lusting over, wouldn’t come to life and fuck with us? Hey, we nerds do it, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Speaking of nerds, Joel, our leading male here is one. But this geek isn’t mocked or treated like a loser. Instead there’s a gentle affection along with the hot sex. And even a moral love lesson regarding confidence — involving a geeky girl!

But onto the sex…

It’s hot.

Watching and listening to Chloe come is incredible. As a woman who’s an orgasmic screamer, I prefer the lusty irrationality of orgasm over the typical wimpy cries and mews female pornstars make.

And it has a plot. A real story. Yeah, it’s a silly sex fantasy based story. But it’s a very common one. And I like a sex fantasy that recognizes humor for what it is: one part relaxing icebreaker, one part sexy as hell. The Jehovah’s Witnesses scene is both hysterical and hot — the ultimate homage to pizza boy delivery scenes. (I wish the Jehovah’s Witnesses who showed up at my door were so hot & hunky!)

At just $7.33, it’s well worth buying. It’s one of the few pornos I know I’ll watch over & over again.

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