Jetsons Fuck Flintstones

I find The Jetsons Meet Fuck the Flintstones has so much to offer…

Wilma, the ultimate cartoon MILF, with flaming red hair and a matching temper to keep in check (you know Fred’s fumbling and bumbling occurs in the bedroom, leaving her even more frustrated than his daytime “bright ideas”) .

Betty, the cartoon equivalent of Mary Tyler Moore’s Laura Petrie (a sanitized version of Bettie Page, if ever there was one) .

Unbelievably huge cock which can deliver the blows and, like any cartoon violence, the receiver isn’t actually harmed. (I guess those little tweeting birds around their heads are orgasms!)

It’s where men fantasize and romanticize women from the past; where women ultimately get to fuck the future version of their man — you know, the “potential” they see in their mates.

Where time travel isn’t about the process and machinery of getting there — it’s about what you’d do when you get there. There’s no political, cultural, or historical messages about how the past impacts the future — even if the past is literally fucking the future, who cares? It’s fucking!


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