It’s That Easy To Role Play

I spotted this lovely photo of Kiss Me Deadly’s Cerise Vargas Panty Girdle over at A Slip Of A Girl and instantly a little twist on an old classic storyline popped into my head…

“My what big knickers you have,” said the Big Bad Wolf, drooling.

“The better to tease and fuck you with,” said Little Pink Riding Hood.

(Little Pink Riding Hood gets her name from her pretty pink clitorous and her over-zealous penchant for riding hairy thighs to climax; which works out well for a hairy leering wolf, doesn’t it?)

Is this little vignette a bit silly? Sure. But what the hell’s wrong with that? Why not use a bit of quick wit to put a simple yet erotic twist on a familiar fairy tale story in a playful manner? Two simple sentences produced upon seeing some remarkably sexy panties and suddenly you and your lover are playing out erotic characters — even if only in your heads while your bodies are in the missionary position.

That’s some pretty powerful stuff for a few seconds of shared spontaneous thought.

Too many times people suffer from role play performance anxiety, primarily induced from making things so complicated. Who are you going to be? Who am I supposed to be? What do I wear? Where do I stand, what do I do? Do I have to say something special, have an accent or something? If not out-right overwhelming, such details and worries can overshadow what’s supposed to be fun and playful.

Think back to when you were a kid… You and your friends played super heroes, or imagined that you were a herd of pink ponies galloping across purple fields. Did you need a lot of props? No. All you likely needed was one thing; a jacket tied around your shoulders or one ribbon in your hair, and you improvised. Did you write out a script of every thing each of you would do or say? No. You decided who was the hero, who was the villain, how many of you were ponies and why you were running, and you just went with it. Sometimes your friend came up with the idea, making you the villain or the thing chasing ponies, but you’d be the bossy friend the next time and roles would reverse, games would change. (If not, you found other friends. So if your lover isn’t giving you the opportunity to lead in sexual fantasy play too, find other lovers.) It was all so simple then.

It can be simple now too. Just because you’re older and have more money for props, costumes, and toys, it doesn’t mean you can’t play without them or until you have “all” of them. Nor does it mean that sexual role play always has to be so precise, so complicated. Use what you have — and that includes your imaginations, your playful and twisted minds, as well as your bodies.  Let little moments, big panties, the media (books, TV, porn) you consume be inspirational starting points for what you and your lover do.  It really can be that easy.

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