The Burger King Is Hot

I’ve got a thing for the Burger King. I’m not even kidding. I keep telling my lover-man that if he would only wear that giant head that once appeared in the Burger King ads, that I’d do anything he ever wanted — as long as he wanted. I can’t explain it; it just is.

So, naturally enough, when he spotted this photo, he sent it to me asking if I’d be willing to allow another woman into our bed.

I am considering it.

If it were a cross-dressing Burger King, it’d be an easy, “Yes!” — and an even easier me. But a chick? Not so sure. I am dreaming of hot BK cock.

By the way, lover-man, I’m still waiting for my Burger King pillowcase.

I won’t even tell you what I did to my old BK pillow dolls.

Hey, I’m not alone in this either. …Though I may be taking it a bit further than she is. *wink*

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