Sex Toys With A Bang, Baby!

If you’re into fighting fuck toys, check out this “Make Love, Not War” ad campaign for LoveStore featuring fuck-able weapons.

Sadly, these only appear to be props for the advertising and are not available for sale as props in your sex fantasies. Because I’d bite the bullet and buy these bad babies!

For those times you want to role play, “This is a stick up!” and he can’t get it up — or isn’t around — you’ll have to settle for this gun dildo.

If you want to have the feeling of getting pistol whipped in the wild west, the Calston Industries Passion Pistol might better fit the Wild Bill. (It has a a clit stimulator too.)

Boys and girls who want things a little more violent up the ass should consider the 4X Oppressor Anal Plug.

If you’re in the UK, you can go ahead and toss a grenade in.

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