Need Help With Role Play?

So you and maybe even your partner are interested in trying some cosplay or role play, but you feel a bit silly… You’re just not sure how to begin… Well, the doctor is “in” with some help with Let’s Play Doctor!, an erotic card game that’s silly enough to make you feel comfortable — but helpful enough to get you into giving role play a go.

The basic idea is that the cards offer scenarios (classics like Cops & Robbers, Quarterback & Cheerleader, Vampire & Prey, School Slut & Nerd), along with questions to consider in terms of character development & motivation, and suggestions and prompts for props, actions to take and dialog.

While this is a playful beginners game, it’s not overly cheesy — and often, the best part is the Q & A discussion between you and your partner. Along the way, you and your partner will discover the hot buttons you’re trying to push — which will help you break off into your own fantasies and role play scenes.

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