Make ‘Em Confess

The name of this game for lovers is a bit misleading… The name “Sexpionage Foreplay Game” evokes images (and fantasies) of putting the screws to a dirty spy, making them confess what they’ve been trained not to divulge, but in reality, the game is played rather like Old Maid. A much raunchier version, of course, in which the person left holding the Top Secret card “loses” and therefore has to complete the sexual mission. However…

If you have an imagination (and if you’re here, I’m guessing you do!), you can use the game to your own advantages.

The biggest advantage (aside from general sexy stuff!) is using the game to effectively break the strong-wills of players, each of whom is convinced they should play the same role. For example, you’d both like to use sexy spy play to get laid — but each of you wants to be the victorious spy who gets to break and use the weaker one. Rather than arguing about it or otherwise losing the mood, you can let the cards decide.

Sexually adventurous and savvy folks can easily adopt the game to fit their own ideas of a spy game. For example, there’s the opportunity to learn (and therefore exploit) their lover’s weaknesses. *wink*

Other advantages of this relatively simple game:

* It’s a great ice breaker of a game, ideal for those new to role play, cosplay, etc. as well as groups who want some “get to know one another” time. (Yes, I said “groups” — don’t judge consenting adults!)

* Has a list of props, but can be modified without them.

* It’s cheap — less than $5!

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