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Re-Penetrator is a porn spoof of H.P. Lovecraft’s Re-Animator. The film is the story of a stripper (Joanna Angel) who, after being dead for 20 years, is resurrected by mad scientist Dr. Hubert Breast (Tommy Pistol). Dr. Breast vaginally injects the long dead, but exquisitely preserved, exotic dancer with a special serum so the repenetrated corpse will return from the VIP room in hell and crave nothing but sex. After he injects her with a gooey green potion, the stripper awakens with an insatiable craving for balls and fucks the mad scientist from the gurney to the grave.

The film was initally created as a halloween treat for members of BurningAngel.com, and was posted on Monday, October 25th, 2004. Re-Penetrator had mixed reviews from the subscribers; some were thoroughly disturbed and some were strangely aroused.

After a mere twenty-four hours of having the film on the site, the staff of Burning Angel received a thoroughly disappointing email stating the following:

“The Policy Review Department has determined that your account is non-compliant due to depictions of extreme violence. To be more specific, any and all images and/or movies involving blood must be removed from your site…”

The filmmakers thought for sure this could be covered with a simple disclaimer stating that indeed the blood was fake, or that the mutilation present in the film is nothing but special effects (particularly in an industry that thrives off of truly violent pornography). However, after several attempts to reason with their billing company, Burning Angel conceded and took the film off the site.

After a few weeks of searching, Burning Angel realized that no American hosting company would host the film. Essentially, Re-Penetrator was banned from American internet servers due to it’s unique mixture of mutilation and penetration. Luckily, other places in the world believe in freedom of expression and a new zombie-friendly billing company was found in the Netherlands. The film is now available at it’s new home at www.repenetrator.com.

When it came time to press the DVD, it almost didn’t happen due to the film’s explicit gore and sex (Certain authoring houses refused to press it on principal alone). Regardless of the obstacles that had to be overcome, Re-Penetrator found a devoted fan base and even won the
2006 AVN Award for Most Outrageous Sex Scene.

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