Casting Couch Role Play

One role play scenario that takes little in the way of costumes or props is that of the old Hollywood casting couch. All you need is a couch — and each other. And let the sex games begin!

One of you plays the role of the powerful casting director, agent, or other Hollywood type; the other, the unsuspecting actor looking for their big break — or even just a gig to help them survive in this dog-eat-dog town.

Adrienne models bra and panties casting couch

For example, the actress is invited in and, after a few pleasantries, is asked to stand and turn to see if she has the “right look”. She is asked questions, told a bit about the role, and asked to demonstrate that she can perform the role, maybe while reading some lines. However, what starts out as an ordinary acting job opportunity begins to get a little strange… At first, it’s just awkward… She wonders what is going on, but plays along trying to appear calm and professional; but soon it’s clear that all that’s asked of her is not about any movie at all!

Adrienne casting couch


Does she submit, hoping it will help her career? Or does she refuse to play along — requiring some serious power moves on the part of the Hollywood executive? It’s all up to you!

Innocence meets abuse of power in this role play game for couples.

There are lots of variation options too.

Perhaps there are multiple Hollywood power brokers in the room.

Perhaps the actor or actress is so desperate they’re the ones with plans — using every trick in the book to seduce their way into the film, corrupting a powerful married executive — perhaps even blackmailing him!

Holly Michaels casting couch

There so many possibilities that playing “casting couch” never gets boring!

All photos of Adrienne Anderson and Holly Michaels from Casting Couch.

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