Valentine’s Day Cosplay

peach valentine's day cosplayAs cosplayers, we love nothing more than dressing in character. And as sexual cosplayers, we love nothing more than adding a little sauciness to our costume play. Luckily, fun (and sexy) holidays like Valentine’s Day give all of us the perfect excuse to don a seductive outfit and start role playing. While there are a variety of suggestions on how to seduce your sweetie this Valentine’s Day, incorporating cosplay into your festivities is a great way to mesh your favorite activities—costume play and sex—and share them with the one you love. Even if you have drawers full of fun, sexy cosplay goodies, the Feast of St. Valentine offers the opportunity to purchase new cosplay attire and freshen up your role-playing scenarios.

Because V Day gives us the chance to switch up our typical sexual routines or step outside of our usual selves, we should put some serious thought into obtaining the ideal outfit and planning the perfect evening with our partners. Need a bit of inspiration? Here are a few Valentine’s Day cosplay ideas to get you started.

Revamp Your Usual Cosplay Creation

If your partner has a favorite cosplay character, you probably already have plenty of outfits for that character or the character’s object of affection. Although your partner may be satisfied with you dragging out that same old costume, spice up your go-to cosplay character’s gear by incorporating your own sexy embellishments. For instance, if your man is a Super Mario Bros. fan, sport your usual Princess Peach costume, but add some flair by swapping your girly pink gown for a tight, slutty hot pink mini-skirt with white thigh highs and “come and do me” pumps. Don’t forget to include some sexy props or kinky extras that appeal to his wild side.

Perhaps, your guy is into bondage. Instead of wearing the conventional gold crown and wand set, switch it up with a blindfold or whip from Adam & Eve or a personalized tiara engraved with the words “Your Slave.” As mentioned on Adam & Eve, these bedroom extras are a great way to even further flesh out the role-playing aspects of your life. You could, say, show up at his door as Princess Peach with a naughty twist, and see how quickly he’ll scramble to get to your Mushroom Kingdom.

Set a Sexy Cosplay Scene

Valentine’s Day often puts pressure on us to perform some over-the-top display of love or waste a ton of money on an extravagant gift or lavish meal. Why not stay at home with your partner this Valentine’s Day for an evening of engaging in some hot role play and fantasy? Lure your mate to your place with the promise of a home-cooked meal, or, for those who don’t cook, order your partner’s favorite takeout.

After your Valentine is aptly fed, change into your costume and let the role playing begin. Don’t forget to create the ideal cosplay scene by turning your home into the fantastic land of your favorite characters. Dress up as Lara Croft and convert your basement into a mystical tomb for your Tomb Raider fan. If you have the time (and energy), get super creative and concoct a variety of themes and scenes using different key cosplay characters from your mate’s favorite graphic novel, video game, or television show. For example, if your significant other is a Game of Thrones fanatic, put together costumes for each queen and have your partner pick one to ravage.


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