Big Breasted Ninjas Cooking Game With Breast Expansion Fantasy Play

Today is the day that the latest installment in the Senran Kagura series for the PlayStation Vita will be released in Japan. The game series is already known for its busty ninjas fighting action, and this game won’t disappoint fans either.

Dekamori Senran Kagura

The game, called Dekamori Senran Kagura, was developed — and I mean “developed” — by Meteorise, who took the gaming series and the new game’s name seriously. The “Dekamori” name is derived from a combination of two Japanese words: “Dekai”, which translates to “large” and is a term often used to describe breasts, and “oomori”, which means “large portion” and is often used for referencing food. Put the two together, and you have a cooking rhythm game that Famitsu magazine calls a “tits hyper cooking battle”. This is the opening animation for the game. (The official trailer was removed from YouTube for being too naughty!)

Famitsu also says that Dekamori Senran Kagura has “costume destruction feature” (you just rub the screen to get rid of the girls’ clothing), “easier than ever” skirt-flipping, and the ability to be a voyeur and watch the girls from a “locker room” feature (from there you can also make otherwise inappropriate advances while the busy girls work). The game also features some wild food-related breast expansion.

ham tits

Perhaps best of all, game producer Kenichiro Takaki knows his audience and has created a one-handed gaming option that allows you to play with the game and yourself.

So far, this naughty fetish Japanese animated game will only be available as a digital release on the Japanese PlayStation Network. That means you’ll need a PlayStation Network Card in YEN, for the Japanese network to access it on the Japan-only PSN. (If you are not sure how to access Japan-only PSN games, how to navigate the Japanse store, or how to make a Japanese PSN account, see here and here.)

Ya gotta love the Japanese sex fantasy in gaming.

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